Transcript Process

Thank you for your inquiry regarding your official student transcript for courses attended through NPI.

We would be happy to help you through the process of obtaining college credit for those courses. Your first step would be to contact your college and see what its requirements. are regarding who may submit student transcripts. Some colleges will accept transcripts from the training company, but others will only accept them from the American Council on Education (ACE).

If your college will accept transcripts directly from the trainer, all we will need is an e-mail from you authorizing the release of that information, as well as the name and address for where the transcript that should be sent. Please also include your address, as we will forward copies to you of all information we submit to your college.

If your college will only accept transcripts from ACE, you will need to register with ACE (there is a small fee for that), and you may do so through the ACE website using the following link:

After you register, you need to provide ACE with the classes that you attended. Then ACE will contact us for verification of that information.

Hopefully this gives you the information you need to proceed. If not, please let us know how else we may assist you.

Thank you again for your interest in and support of NPI, Inc. training.