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Open Enrollment Classes! We've decided to play to our strengths and rely on our flexibility, responsiveness, and knowledge about what you want and what you need to succeed;

  • Flexible date/location options;

  • Venues closer to home;

  • Registration Now! No More Wait Lists;

  • No more uncomfortable, expensive travel to the DC area.

For 35 years we've answered the challenges of the industry by offering creative, effective solutions that enable you to achieve your individual and organizational goals.

We've added classes in multiple cities with the following courses!

• COR-222*  • CON-270*  • ACQ 265*
• CON-170*  • CON-280*  • ACQ 370*
• CON-243*  • CON-290*  • FCN-190**
• CON-244*  • CON-360*  

*Courses offered by NPI deemed equivalent by DAU. DAU logo**Courses have been verified compliant by FAI. 

When ready, please create an account and login then click on the class name to enroll today!
Your credit card is used to hold your seat and will not be charged until the class is confirmed.  NPI Policy

If the courses listed do not work for your schedule, please contact us for additional dates and locations or if you would like to sponsor your own class.

Contact us and we'll help you through the maze of certification.