Our 34 years of experience extends well beyond our own coastlines. 

Procurement International

Northwest Procurement Institute has been providing and is always ready with international education, certification, and continuous learning opportunities. Our experience ranges from performance-based acquisition to cost and price analysis training in 18 countries around the world. NPI proudly provides these learning opportunities on-site, online, and on-task!

Contact us to develop a plan for your program or agency. We’ll explore the options afforded by our international experience in acquisitions and grants and agreements for federal government agencies and private-sector organizations. 

Follow the link “here” to search our courses. 

Need a virtual option? NPI’s online DAU-equivalent/FAI-verified courses are filled with students deployed or stationed abroad. Clickhere for a list of our online options.  

NPI International courses have ranged from the Virgin Islands to Swaziland.