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ACE College Credit Courses

The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®)

has evaluated and recommended college credit for 6 of NPI’s courses. Founded in 1918, ACE is the major coordinat­ing body for all the nation’s higher education institutions, representing more than 1,600 college and university presidents and more than 200 related associations nationwide. It provides leadership on key higher education issues and influences public policy through advocacy.

ACE CREDIT connects workplace learning with colleges and universities by helping adults gain access to academic credit at colleges and universities for formal courses and examinations taken in the workplace or other settings outside traditional higher education.

For 40 years, colleges and universities have trusted ACE CREDIT to provide reliable course equivalency information to facilitate their decisions to award academic credit. For more information, visit the ACE CREDIT website at www.acenet.edu/credit.

ACE College Credit Recommendations ACE College Credit Recommendations

The following NPI courses listed below have received college credit recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE):

CON-170: Fundamentals of Cost and Price Analysis
CON-270: Intermediate Cost and Price Analysis
CON-280: Source Selection and Administration of Service Contracts
CON-290: Contract Administration and Negotiation Techniques in a Supply Environment
FCN 190: FAR Fundamentals
COR Level II

ACE/CREDIT Transcript Service 
For the benefit of our students, NPI participates in the American Council on Education’s (ACE) Transcript Service. The ACE Transcript Service offers a lifelong record for students who have successfully completed our courses that have been reviewed by ACE CREDIT. This service enables adult learners to present a nationally recognized transcript to the college or university of their choice for the potential award of academic credit. For more information, visit the ACE CREDIT Transcript Service website.