CON-120 - CON-120 Mission-Focused Contracting - 10 Days
Category: Acquisition / Contracting

This course is a comprehensive, hands-on study of the entire acquisition process. Using an integrated case study, this class takes the student from the initial meeting with a customer to contract completion and closeout. This course builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in CON-110, CON-111, and CON-112 by giving students an opportunity to apply what they've learned. It is designed for Level 1 students, and emphasizes making informed decisions, problem-solving, and conducting negotiations in support of the customer's mission.

Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to give customers sound information and advice, cooperatively develop complete purchase request packages, lead an acquisition team, prepare a synopsis and a solicitation, evaluate offers, award contracts, evaluate price reasonableness, conduct price negotiations, monitor contractor performance and apply appropriate remedies, modify contracts, exercise options, and complete the contract close out process.

Key Topics:
Mission Strategy Planning
Leadership Skills
Preparation of Solicitations
Solicitation, Evaluation, and Award
Performance Assessment and Quality Assurance
Contract Closeout

ACE College Credit Recommendation
DAU Equivalency Rating at June 30, 2013

80 CLP Hours
10-Day Course
Tuition: $1470