CON-280-DL - CON-280-DL: Source Selection and Administration of Service Contracts, Distance Leaning, 96 CLP Hours
Category: Acquisition / Contracting

CON-280 DL Header

CON-280-DL - Source Selection and Administration of Service Contracts provides students with key information regarding the acquisition of services under FAR Part 15 procedures. It emphasizes performance-based acquisitions for services, source selection, contract types, contract incentives, and contract administration.

The course expands upon the foundation established through the Level I curriculum and the course prerequisites.

Course Requirements

Student Materials: Instructions will be provided for students to download initial class materials, including self-study assignments, exercises, and other reference material.

Hardware and software: Students require access to a computer and a high-speed Internet connection to complete assigned individual and team activities. Telephone access is also required. A URL and toll-free audio conference number will be provided.

Course Structure

Students attend 19 daily four and a half-hour real time instructor-led sessions, participating in student presentations, small group activities, games, breakout sessions, polls, and discussions, and complete offline assignments. This course provides a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience. 

Please contact npi@npi-training.com, 425-776-0414, for further details and course schedules.

96 CLP hours

Tuition: $3,440

You may qualify for a lower tuition rate.

(Price does not include government discount)
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