FCN 190 - FCN 190 FAR Fundamentals, 10 Days
Category: Acquisition / Contracting

FCN 190 FAR Fundamentals - 10 Days-This intensive 10-day course provides students foundational knowledge of the Federal Acquisition Regulations System. Specifically, the course provides immersion training into the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Students work individually and in groups to locate parts of the FAR, interpret the FAR’s requirements, and practice applying the FAR to real-world scenarios found in the contract planning, contract formation, and contract administration phases. The course is designed for acquisition workforce members who are seeking FAC C Level I certification and ideally have already completed CON 100, CON 110 or FCN 110, CON 111 or FCN 111, and CON 112 or FCN 112.

Course Objective: Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to locate, interpret, and apply federal government acquisition regulations to a given contracting scenario.

Key Topics:
Using the FAR
Acquisition Planning
Competition Requirements
Methods of Contracting
Types of Contracts
Interagency Agreements, Options, and Indefinite-Delivery Contracts
Describing Agency Needs
Publicizing Contract Actions
Socioeconomic Programs
Contract Formation Principles
Solicitation of Offers
Bid Evaluation
Proposal Evaluation and Exchanges with Offerors
Contract Award
Simplified Acquisition Procedures
Contract Administration Basics
Contract Performance Measurement
Quality Assurance
Contract Modifications
Disputes and Appeals
Contract Terminations
Contract Closeout

ACE College Credit Recommendation

This course is FAI verified.

Distance learning option available.

80 CLP Hours

10-Day Course

Tuition $1470

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