CON-200 - CON-200 Business Decisions for Contracting, 3 Days
Category: Acquisition / Contracting

CON-200 Business Decisions for Contracting - This 24-hour intermediate level course is intended for GS1102 contract specialists who have completed Level I contracting training and two years of contracting experience.

The course focuses on planning successful mission support strategies and executing acquisitions that facilitate attainment of mission goals.

Students study techniques for building solid business relationships, the use and benefits of strategic sourcing and performance-based contracting, techniques for managing risk, the considerations involved in providing contract financing and government property, the role of small business and subcontractors in supporting acquisition, and source selection methodology.


Course Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to describe the importance of a good business relationship in achieving the customer’s performance expectations, identify how strategic sourcing can contribute to the acquisition process, discuss the principles of performance-based acquisition, state appropriate risk management techniques, identify contract financing methods and considerations in their use, describe the characteristics and appropriate use of undefinitized contract actions and incentive contracts, identify the effect of providing government property, describe small business socioeconomic programs and their use,  determine subcontracting requirements, identify the source selection processes and procedures, and determine if a contractor is responsible.


Key Topics:

Business Relationships

Strategic Sourcing

Performance-Based Acquisition

Risk Management

Contract Financing

Undefinitized Contract Actions and Incentive Contracts

Government Property

Small Business Programs

Subcontracting Plans

Source Selection

Contractor Responsibility

ACE College Credit Recommendation

24 CLP Hours

3-Day Course

Tuition: $650

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