Student Feedback

Student evaluations on their virtual learning experience. 

Will virtual learning fit your schedule, your style of learning, your certification timeline? Can your team adapt to a virtual classroom? What if you've never taken a virtual course before? 

We hear these questions from students and understand your concerns. You have a limited budget or none at all, a tight schedule, and many demands on your time.

NPI, Inc. has over two years of developing and deploying virtual instructor-led procurement and contract management courses.  We were first in the industry with dynamic, interactive virtual training.  NPI's innovative training solutions include gamification, small group break-out sessions, and individual student support. Certification training can be enjoyable! 

Here's what students with similar concerns have had to say about their experiences in recent virtual courses. 

Course Materials 

• “Tough to make this information "engaging" but through discussion and review of the material, it worked.”


 • “Excellent job aids and tools! The Web-Based Training Modules were also good. For learning procurement policy, they made it about as interesting as possible.”


• “The tools provided in this class are invaluable! Amazing tools and content that can be put to good use on a regular basis.”


• “The various games/quizzes successfully reinforced the learning materials and made the information much more practical.”


Learning Technology

• “I'm ready to participate in more. I can save my job site funds by being engaged and obtaining my certifications from the duty site. What a plus!”


• “I thought this class would be difficult to follow and learn from since it was DL, but I actually felt like I was right there in the classroom. It was great!”


• “I was able to take the class from my home office, no travelling or commute. I also liked how the online class was spread out over 4 weeks instead of the normal 2 weeks of the in person classroom. This allowed me to work in the afternoons and digest the course material a little more.”


 • “There wasn't anything not to like. The breakouts allowed us to connect with fellow students as we would have in a classroom setting from the comfort of our office/home.”


Training Value

• “This format was new to me, and initially I was apprehensive about being able to retain the information in this kind of environment. [My instructor] was a great teacher and demonstrated a lot of patience with everyone in the class as we worked through our understanding of different rules and scenarios. This class has made me more confident and willing to take classes in this type of environment.”


• “I very much liked this virtual course. I have needed this course for a year, but my schedule never allowed me to travel so this was absolutely perfect!”


 • “I am pleased that NPI along with FAI are offering these virtual classes for the FAC-C training requirements. This is an advantage to students who cannot travel to classes, due to funding or time restraints.”


• “This was my first virtual classroom experience. The most important reason I chose this format was I just could not get away from my work for two weeks. This format allowed me to keep up at work while learning the course material.”

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